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Shipping containers are no longer just for transporting goods across oceans. Their robustness, versatility, and cost-effectiveness have made them a popular choice among homeowners looking for innovative solutions to space and storage challenges. Whether it’s creating extra living space, tackling storage issues, or embarking on unique home improvement projects, shipping containers offer a flexible and sustainable option for residential properties.

Hire or Purchase your shipping container through ST Containers in the knowledge that your delivery will be hassle free and expertly carried out by our parent company Sussex Transport, a leading, and expert provider of container transport and logistics services.

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Residential Uses

Home Storage 

For homeowners needing additional space to declutter their living areas or safely store household goods, tools, or sports equipment, shipping containers provide a secure, weather-resistant option.

Sheds / Workshops

Garden enthusiasts and hobbyists appreciate the solid structure of shipping containers for use as large garden sheds or workshops which provide ample space that is both rodent-proof and rust-resistant.


Many do not have a garage, or if they do their garage space may already be utilised.  Containers can become a garage or second garage storing vehicles, bikes and more.

Creative Spaces

Many are now turning to shipping containers for affordable alternatives to traditional home additions. These units can be transformed into home offices, studios, or even cosy retreats in the garden, offering privacy and comfort with a modern twist.

Moving Home

Shipping containers are becoming increasingly useful to those moving home.  You can hire a container, fill it with goods and have the container collected and moved to your new home.  Load and un-load at your own pace.

Seasonal Storage

From storing holiday decorations, summer furniture or winter gear, shipping containers offer an excellent solution for temporary or seasonal storage needs, keeping items clean, dry, and secure.

Emergency Storage

At times of emergency (flooding would be an example) it is sometimes necessary to store goods outside of your property while maintenance and repairs take place.  Containers are a rapid to deploy and secure option.

Building Works

When you are having home rennovations / alterations or extensions carried out then your excess furniture or builders tools and equipment can be stored in containers.  Secure on-site solutions can deliver efficiency and cost savings.

Custom Projects

The adaptability of shipping containers allows them to be customised for endless other uses, such as swimming pools, saunas, greenhouses, or even art installations, demonstrating their role in creative home landscaping and design

Competitive Pricing, Quality Units, Standard & Bespoke Options

3m x 2.4m
6m x 2.4m
12m x 2.4m
High Cubes Available

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Who uses our Containers?

General Public

The General Public & Home Owners

Whether you are a homeowner looking to keep your belongings safe during a house build or extension, or a contractor looking to store tools and equipment.

Universities, Schools, Colleges and Nurseries.

Education requires a lot of equipment and simple secure onsite storage solutions keep that equipment safe and out of the way until it is needed.

Residential & Commercial Refurbishment & Construction

Containers have become a staple addition to almost all building and construction sites.  Ideal for secure storage of tools, equipment and machinery.
Self Storage

Self Storage Facilities & Storage Sites

Self Storage container sites are popping up all over the county and being able to supply a suite of matching containers, in the right colour, along with the expertise and fleet to safely and cost effectively install means ST Containers are fast becoming the number one choice for Self Storage facility owners.
Local Clubs

Sports Clubs, Leisure Facilities & Social Clubs 

Local sports, leisure and social clubs all have goods to store and keep.  Whether it is greenkeeper equipment, training products or machinery, an onsite secure container is often invaluable.  Our containers are used by societies like the Girl Guides, Sea Cadets, Football Teams and Golf Clubs (to name a few).

Onsite Business Storage or Relocations

Business storage requirements fluctuate. Long or short term storage containers are the perfect solution to keeping items like overstocks or slow moving goods safe, secure and right on-site. Containers are also perfect for businesses who are relocating.  You can load at your pace, we'll then drop at your new location for you to unload at your leisure.

And there are plenty more.....


What our Users & Customers Say

Set Director, ITV

Excellent service all round! ST helped us with tricky props for our ITV drama and sourced, costed and delivered these promptly, expertly and within budget. The shipping containers for a large warehouse set were carefully moved and placed exactly as required for filming.

Global Business, Horsham

We've now got 6 containers on our site from ST Containers. They have been wonderful as our raw materials inbound has increased.  We are able to store products onsite, ready to use.  Our needs will grow and shrink and ST Containers have been fast, responsive and excellent value.

Mr Charnwood

We needed a container to house our possessions during a large extension on our property and the team at ST Containers helped us work out which size to go for and also allay any fears about damp / mould as the container is fully vented and feels brand new.

Worthing Rugby Club

ST Containers and Sussex Transport have been wonderful partners for us in terms of onsite storage for the club.  Our 30' container (which was adapted for us to have doors on both ends) is just perfect.  Once full we'll definitely be in contact for another.

How it Works

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We price for container & and delivery

We provide a competitive price for rental or purchase along with the delivery and collection fees.

All agreed and ready to proceed

Once everything is in place we will provide the hire or sale documents and contracts (that protect us all) and agree your delivery date.

Our very own drivers carry out your delivery

We are a division of a high quality transport and logistics company and our drivers are highly skilled, trained, polite and friendly.  They'll ensure you are happy with your container and explain anything you need to know.

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