Shipping & Storage Container Specifications

Make informed decisions when buying or renting containers and optimise your space utilisation.

Welcome to our Shipping Container Specification Downloads page, your go-to resource for all the critical measurements and specifications you need when buying or renting containers.

We understand the importance of knowing the internal and external dimensions of shipping containers, as well as other key details that can make a significant difference in utilising the space efficiently.

Whether you are in the process of acquiring a container for your business, construction project, or personal storage needs, having access to accurate and comprehensive specifications is vital. Our collection of specification downloads has been carefully curated to provide you with all the necessary information to make informed decisions about the space you require and the benefits you can gain from having a container on-site.

By exploring our extensive range of container specifications, you can gain a clear understanding of the dimensions, load capacities, door openings, and other essential details for various container types. We strive to ensure that the information provided is up-to-date and reliable, empowering you to select the perfect container that suits your specific needs.  Hit the buttons below to download the spec sheets.  

Of course if you have any questions please get in touch with our team today on 01903 751100 or head to our contact page to complete our quick contact form

Container Spec Sheets

9 Foot Containers

Download PDF

10 Foot Containers

Download PDF

20 Foot Containers

Download PDF

20 Foot Open Side Containers

Download PDF

20 Foot High Cube Containers

Download PDF

40 Foot Containers

Download PDF

40 Foot High Cube Containers

Download PDF

Delivery Guidelines

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What our Users & Customers Say

Set Director, ITV

Excellent service all round! ST helped us with tricky props for our ITV drama and sourced, costed and delivered these promptly, expertly and within budget. The shipping containers for a large warehouse set were carefully moved and placed exactly as required for filming.

Global Business, Horsham

We've now got 6 containers on our site from ST Containers. They have been wonderful as our raw materials inbound has increased.  We are able to store products onsite, ready to use.  Our needs will grow and shrink and ST Containers have been fast, responsive and excellent value.

Mr Charnwood

We needed a container to house our possessions during a large extension on our property and the team at ST Containers helped us work out which size to go for and also allay any fears about damp / mould as the container is fully vented and feels brand new.

Worthing Rugby Club

ST Containers and Sussex Transport have been wonderful partners for us in terms of onsite storage for the club.  Our 30' container (which was adapted for us to have doors on both ends) is just perfect.  Once full we'll definitely be in contact for another.

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